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We're always looking for partners that do believe in our values and what we do.

Why partner with us?

We are a team of modern and young creative people that loves nature activities and water sports and meeting new people. We also love to create new and different products that people can enjoy. So if you believe in our values and what we do and would like to represent our products check this page.

Company perks

Flexible schedule

Manage your own time, scheduling and balancing life at your own needs.

Fun atmosphere

Ok work must to be organised and taken with responsibility but we do try to take it easy and positively. We can promise a good and fun atmosphere

Friendly team

We are a young friendly team. We love nature and water sports and we love teaching. We love meeting new people and sharing our knowledge.

Tools & Resources

Professional tools and resources to help you helping us. Booking management tools, partner back-office area, reports and history. And graffic resources you can use to promote your work on our services.

Gear Discounts

Stay with us and with time you will benefit with some nice discounts for your sport practice *

Growth opportunity

Be directly compensated for your efforts. You will get paid only by commissions but fairly.

Partner With Us

Check the options and details we have setup for partners.

Affiliates are normally people with a digital presence (maybe the so called digital influencers) promoting our products/services on a website, blog, a social network page or even a mailing list. You will get a special and unique link that will be tracked when people are visiting and booking themselves online on our website. Even 1 year (or more) after you decided to post our services on your digital presence, visits and bookings will still be registered as yours.

A plataform with a safe private area where you can login will allow you to choose experiences, create your shareable links, check reports etc.

Payments will be made automatically as soon as someone books an experience.

Comissions are fixed: 15%

Agents can be hotels, hostels, tourism kiosks or independent workers, freelancers, people that know people and that like to be fairly compensated for their efforts. You just need to have any kind of blog, website,  You will be able to use our system and create bookings yourself  or let them  create bookings for themselves. It will all be registered as sale from your channel.

Feedback from our customers

"The best spontaneous decision ever! Great people, wonderful experience. I recommend lessons with Francisco, best instructor in Portugal ,great for adults and kids. Guy is great teacher and surfer, communicative, with sense of humour, patient and helpful. For everybody who considers trying surfing or improving skills ."
Ewa Zabul
"Great surfschool!!! I went surfing today and the team of Lisbon surfaris was amazing. They take really care, they are fun and they know what they are doing. You shouldn't look for any other school as you won't find a better one. If there are no waves in Carcavelhos they take you to Guincho great service of friendly people! Thank you "
Nina Masaya


If this sounds interesting to you fill the form and we will contact you.

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