Lisbon Surfaris is a small company acting in the nature and adventure tourism sector, contacting directly with the Natural Elements.

Focused on delivering enriching experiences,  having as a priority teaching small groups. So that the experience and attention given to every person can be as personalised as possible.

Strategically situated at Carcavelos train station (store) for your confort, we have the means and knowledge to take you to the most favorable place to practice the sport of your choice.

We are a group of teaching professionals, with a lot of years as sports practitioners and daily users of this so called "our ocean"...

Our Facilities

Store & Meeting Point

Surf School

Our Store is located inside Carcavelos Trains Station for your confort. It is the perfect location for anyone arriving from Lisbon, specially by train.

 Accomodation & Meals

Surf Camp

Our Surf Camp is located only 500m from Carcavelos Trains Station for your confort. It is the perfect location for anyone arriving from Lisbon, specially by train.

Our mission

  Teach those who never surfed to stand on a board.

  Share not only the main techniques for surfing, but also how to read the ocean, the tides, the winds and rip currents.

  Create moments of sharing between your family, friends or your team, through nature sports.

  Offer conditions for those seeking the direct contact with the elements of nature: water, wind, dirt and sun!

  Help you to relax, recharge your energies while reconnecting with nature

  Fun yes, but always in safety. So that you can finish in a good relation with "those" elements

Our team

Surf Instructor / Managing Partner


Hi, my name is José, i'm 36 years old and was born in Cascais. Living 5 mins from the beach, since really young i created a deep connection with the ocean, the waves and water sports. Cascais has amazing beaches for surfing all year round. I always loved teaching Surf and bodyboard and meeting new people. So it was a small a natural step to create Lisbon Surfaris. The best experience i had so far at the ocean was to see my 2 twin daughters cacthing a wave for the first time 🙂


Surf Instructor


Hi, my name is Guilherme. I am a FPS level 2 registered surf instructor since 2005 and i have been giving surf lessons since that day. Surf became part of my life since 1994 and from that moment on i did a lot o travel around the world looking for perfect waves ( Marrocos, Brasil, Cabo verde, Maldives and Açores. I am passioned about natural life experiences and multicultural environments. So i will be very happy to share my knowledge with you. Meet me at one of Lisbon Surfaris experiences.


Surf/Bodyboard Instructor


Hi, my name is Gonçalo. My hometown is Cascais. I love surf and bodyboard. I have a lot of experience sharing surf knowledge at technics at all the beaches around Lisbon, Cascais and Alentejo.  I also love to teach kids and grown ups the art of sliding a wave on top of any kind of board. It is one of the best feeling in the world! Come and join us to feel what i am talking about. Aloha!


Surf Instructor

André Figueiredo

Hi. My name is André and i have been riding waves (bodyboarding) for more than 20 years (1998). I am from Praia da Poça. Since a young boy and with the support of my family i developed a deep connection with the ocean. Between summer vacations, competitions and lots of traveling the ocean was always present. Federated since 2000 with the surfing club costa do sol, my best results were while studying winning "circuito universitario" na Costa da Caparica. Between 2002 and 2007 i was a life guard at Praia da Cresmina (Guincho). Surf trips: Cape Verde, Canary Islands, England, Spain, France, Morocco. Level I Surf Coach Course finished in 2018 with 17 values grade.


Surf Instructor


Hi. My name is Rafael and i am a Level II Surf Coach graduated on the surf & bodyboard 20th course in 2005. I have been giving surf lessons since that date.  Surf became part of my life in 1994 and i have been surfing all over Portugal and beyond with some surf trips to Morroco, Brasil, Cape Verde, Maldives e Azores. Come and join us for some adventure, you will definitely have a great time...


Surf Instructor/Partner

Tiago Loureiro Pereira

Hi, my name is Tiago Loureiro Pereira and i was born and raised in Cascais. My life was always connected with the ocean. Sun of a fisherman i nowadays have carta de marinheiro, cédula marítima e sou operador de VHS. I started to surf when i was around 12 years old. I was a lifeguard for 10 years and coordenator for a while after that. I have ISA level I surf instructor certification.
Come and have a surf experience with Lisbon Surfaris, you are going to love it.


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